Rush Poker Review – The Pros and Cons of Rush Poker



With the recent launch of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker, players are discovering that they can play hundreds of more hands per hour than in the traditional cash games. Even though, this is a big difference between Rush poker and standard games, there are also other differences that distinguish it from other the regular game.


Some players love the new game and are proudly boasting out loud that it is the future of poker. Others do not appreciate it as much because they say it reduces the real poker strategies. Choosing to play togel Rush Poker or not is now becoming a major issue for poker players online.


Pros of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker


One of the biggest advantages of playing Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker is the characteristic “Quick Fold”. In short, you have the right to throw your hand away at any time during the hand. Even if it is not your turn to speak, you can click on the Quick Fold and go to the next hand. Of course, several players on Full Tilt were already making the decision to fold or to check before their turn.


However, with Rush Poker, you do not need to wait until the hand was ended to start a new one. When you click on Quick Fold, you’re sent to another table on the spot where a new hand begins. This new feature significantly reduces the time spent waiting between two …

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Online gambling firm World Gaming collapses with casino en ligne



The beleaguered online gambling industry is bracing itself for a wave of company collapses and redundancies, after World Gaming collapsed into administration today.


It is the first company to crash, following the shock decision of the US senate to outlaw online gaming last month. President George Bush is expected to sign the legislation into force later today.


All the online gambling companies are racing to close or sell their US operations by the time he signs. 888 emerged today as the latest to be looking for a suitor.


Asked if the company would go private, chief executive John Anderson told Dow Jones: “I think that’s got to be looked at.”


He said all options are being considered, including opportunities to expand the business in Europe. Yesterday, Sportingbet sold its US sports betting and casino business for a nominal $1.


The secured creditors of World Gaming, understood to be Barclays Bank, pulled the plug on World Gaming earlier this morning and called in administrators UHY Hacker Young.


The administrator has issued a statement saying: “The secured creditor has subsequently concluded that it is reasonably likely that administration will achieve a better result for the Company’s creditors than would be likely if the Company were to be wound up.”


All the directors have resigned. The company has operations in Antiqua, Vancouver, London but it is not clear how many employees will lose their jobs.


Gibraltar is likely to be particularly hard hit …

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The European Commission has launched investigations into German and Swedish prohibitions on internet gambling and Online Casino Singapore



Sweden is cracking down on “tax cheats” and their primary focus will be online poker players, online poker affiliates and online poker operators, not to mention other online gambling related activities. Sweden is a hot bed in the online gambling industry, playing host to some of the leading software providers and poker networks including the national state owned Svenka Spel.


Meanwhile, The European Commission has launched investigations into German and Swedish prohibitions on internet gambling. The Commission has requested further information from the countries over concerns that they restrict free trade.


The Commission was founded on the principle that EU member states should be able to trade on equal footing with one another. Some countries in the EU, though, increasingly restrict online gambling in order to protect state-run lottery and gambling monopolies.


Germany introduced a new treaty banning online gaming and betting except horse racing related wagers in January of this year. That law replaced one that was already the subject of Commission enquiries.


The Commission said that Online Casino Singapore was querying whether the law was consistent with its laws on internal markets. The restrictions it wants to investigate are: “the total prohibition of games of chance on the internet; notably sports betting … advertising restrictions on TV, on the internet or on jerseys or billboards; and the prohibition on financial institutions to process and execute payments relating to unauthorised games of chance”.


The Commission said that the German stance was not …

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Beginner Poker and Judi Online Tips – Introduction to Bluffing Successfully in Poker and Judi Online



You are not afforded many advantages over your opponents. You have two weapons at your disposal to extract profit, an understanding of math and strategy, and deception.


We actually understand deception within poker well before we even understand correct strategy and mathematics. We however only understand just enough about deception to hang ourselves.


Here is what I mean. A player brand new to the game of poker and Judi Online with little to no experience will either be ultra aggressive, bluffing in the wrong spots making incorrect bet sizes, or he will be ultra conservative playing a lot of hands but never bluffing and constantly trying to slow play his big hands.


Bluff: To try and win by betting with little to nothing of a hand with the intent of making everyone fold.


It seems easy enough, but in reality it’s much harder. This is a game of deception and lies, people won’t trust anything you do, you have to really convince your opponents otherwise, and this requires multiple levels of deception.


Here is a good strategy for deception, and it will work more times than not if executed correctly. Come up with a method to decide whether to bluff or fold in certain situations. Example: Whenever you have nothing in late position with a limped pot(no one pre-flop has bet or raised) you look down at your watch and if the minute hand is odd you bluff, if it’s even you fold.


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Avoiding the Beginner’s Mistakes for Casino Extra, Part Two



As nice as it would be to have a simple three to five point list outlining every common beginner mistake in the poker world, poker is a complex game when proper Casino Extra strategy is applied and there are many more than three mistakes that most beginning players are prone to.  Here is a list of some of the more common mistakes novice players are prone to, and how to avoid them.


#1 Mistake: Mimicking the player who seems to be ahead


Too many players learn how to play poker by copying the styles they see from other players.  This can be someone at the table, a relative at the family game, or some pro they saw on the World Series of Poker on TV.  This is never a good way to learn poker.  First off, there are a lot of players who simply don’t know what they’re doing, but think they are the next Chris Moneymaker.  You can’t learn anything except bad habits from bad players.  Even if you look to copy the pros off TV, that’s not a good idea.  The cameras don’t show the pros studying everyone else at the table as they fold for two hours, or the pot odds, implied odds, and tells that those players read.  You don’t start for the Yankees after one day of batting practice, so don’t look to start by copying the best.  Learn the game and over time you will get better and better.


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POKER TRIPS – Musings + Brief Visits to Other Poker Blogs like Cbetcasino



On a televised poker tourney I saw the other day, pro Danny “Win” Nguyen said that he knows what his opponents are holding. How? Because when he came to the US, he started off as a poker dealer. He’s watched “tells” long enough to be able to interpret them. I’ve watched Nguyen play in a few tourneys, and he is rather gutsy at times, and does seem to have some insight into his opponents hands.


Nguyen himself has a stone face to nearly rival Doyle “Dolly” Brunson and Howard “Tahoe” Andrew. I suppose if you can read players, you don’t want to be transmitting what you know yourself. Nguyen does put on the shades sometimes, so I suppose he’s still developing his poker face. BTW, Nguyen won the tourney, up against a surprising lot of youngsters.


This post by Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG alumni) is from last week, but the information is still releveant about Cbetcasino. My interpretation: poker is enjoying a great deal of media attention and celebrity fame. As a result, there are scumbags taking advantage of this and robbing people in casino parking lots – or at least one casino in particular. Funny, I’d always thought casinos were pretty good with security, but maybe I’ve been watching too much of the oh so sexy crew of the TV show Las Vegas.


A bit of trivia: the IMDB indicates that there are over 110 movies or Cbetcasino TV shows that have …

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Pre Flop Cheri Casino



When you are holding the small suited connectors, you need to understand that in the majority of hands you play with them, you will be the underdog. But that can be a good thing. Because remember, any player only has a 50% chance of increasing their hand after the flop. And if someone is holding AK to your 5 6 and a flop comes of 3 4 J, you are in a better position to win that hand.


What I’m saying is that you want your opponent to be holding a hand that he has a hard time folding after the flop comes. And especially if you hit that flop, you then reap the reward.




Now, you are first to act in the hand either because you’re under the gun or everyone has folded around to you. What should you do with Cheri Casino? Well there are a couple different approaches that can be taken, the first being the aggressive approach and the second being the passive approach. Each play style has its advantages and depending on what kind of player you are one of these approaches will be more appealing to you more than the other.


When taking the aggressive approach, you would raise for the amount of the blinds or more. The advantages to doing that are very simple. You are first of all, building a larger pot. And disguising your hand strength (or lack there of), and finally you …

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Real Money Slots : Best USA Internet casinos For Online Slot machines mega888 get


Right now there are a selection of popular online casino websites that can supply you together with the same experience as what the typical casino really does. Internal modern reward ports are active fruit machine that will has been registered at each other within one online slots casino, or a new team of on the internet casinos had by the particular very same driver. It might be feasible you have some specifications for taking satisfaction in the exact same, after that also usually do not neglect in order to examine whatever plus also as an individual like those, using actions to identify exactly how the work procedure is done, the openness it keeps as nicely as whatever of which as a game player, you must understand. If you find an online website that says obtain $20 on $20 down payment next ne’er consider that website since they’re not real, they obtain funds from numerous individuals as well as ne’er come hence be coming from such websites. Or even, you may appreciate these kinds of casino video video games from the net site utilizing your own internet web browser.

Typically the initial guideline is that you simply can squander just when in 2 days (this differs from various on line casino websites). This criteria likewise uses within sports activities wagering; in addition to, this is likewise the kind of on the internet gambling. Karamba sporting activities wagering is offered to both desktop computer systems along with mobile. All of us …

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Why I Dislike Casino Le Roi Johnny?


These two websites are popular for their phenomenal Casino profile. One-eyed jacks are occasionally assigned as wild cards. However, the king of rubies is hardly ever picked to be wild. These products consist of reduced cards, dealership switch and missed out on blind switches. To taste the actual significance of the video game, you will call for chips, a blind timer and a table. Basically, for this video game, a Casino table is a crucial device and also the facility factor, where all activity occurs. Several people have the concept that baccarat is a difficult video game since of its track record as a high-roller video game. A lot of us are delighted with the suggestion of the online casino video game. A lot of us play online casino video games like ports, live roulette, blackjack, and also lots of various other interesting video games. Finest brand-new on the internet gambling enterprise website have gone better to gamers with cost-free online casino video games and also a variety of brand-new video games like pot, live online casino, finest online port video games.

Precisely where can I discover online casinos with Free Rotates? It additionally provides you transgression up with 500 cost-free rotates in addition to even more kinds of deals provided. Numerous individuals have gone insolvent after Le Roi Johnny obtaining greater than their ability to repay. As a result, what truly matters is recognizing individuals you are having fun with – are they awaiting the greatest or the …

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Belongings Of Even More Online blackjacks


Online blackjacks have been available in various ranges such as Spanish Blackjack, Atlantic Blackjack, Multi-hand blackjack, and so on for a terrific gambling experience. Along with using a secure solution, Grosvenor Gambling establishment gamers can experience the absolute best in brand-new and special Online Gambling establishment video games and play using our acclaimed application, which is offered cost-free on Android and also iphone. As an example, Caesars’ on the internet gambling establishment permits gamers to make Caesars Benefits factors for on-line play simply as you would at any one of Caesars’ land-based homes. The exploitable ones are those that continue to be undamaged in between gamers. Many United States gambling establishments online will use incentives to gamers. On the internet, gambling establishments that are accredited and have a reputation for their desire to make certain that their track record stays undamaged.

There are two celebrations of on-line gambling clubs based on their interface-electronic download-just gambling clubs. In creating the research, we figured out that it would concentrate on two trouble gambling topics-responsible video gaming behavioral health and wellness solutions. 2 many methods to accomplish this goal are to advertise reliable, accountable video gaming plans in our gambling sector a supporter for reliable issue gambling programs solutions for individuals that desire to resolve their gambling condition. The Gambling Payment has functioned with the Legislature, people, the gambling sector, Washington State Trouble Gambling Program, Evergreen Council on Issue Gambling, and also issue gambling behavior health and wellness service providers to enlighten …

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