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Avoiding the Beginner’s Mistakes for Casino Extra, Part Two



As nice as it would be to have a simple three to five point list outlining every common beginner mistake in the poker world, poker is a complex game when proper Casino Extra strategy is applied and there are many more than three mistakes that most beginning players are prone to.  Here is a list of some of the more common mistakes novice players are prone to, and how to avoid them.


#1 Mistake: Mimicking the player who seems to be ahead


Too many players learn how to play poker by copying the styles they see from other players.  This can be someone at the table, a relative at the family game, or some pro they saw on the World Series of Poker on TV.  This is never a good way to learn poker.  First off, there are a lot of players who simply don’t know what they’re doing, but think they are the next Chris Moneymaker.  You can’t learn anything except bad habits from bad players.  Even if you look to copy the pros off TV, that’s not a good idea.  The cameras don’t show the pros studying everyone else at the table as they fold for two hours, or the pot odds, implied odds, and tells that those players read.  You don’t start for the Yankees after one day of batting practice, so don’t look to start by copying the best.  Learn the game and over time you will get better and better.


#2 Mistake: Not learning or using pot odds


If you don’t know what pot odds are, then go to the nearest Barnes and Noble, find the poker section, and read about it until you do get it.  You should not even play until you understand this concept.  Every successful player knows when to chase and when to fold, and sometimes the right move is to chase, but you have to know when and why to make the right decision, you can’t just follow your gut.  The math doesn’t lie.


#3 Mistake: Putting way too much value on suited hands


This is one of the most common mistakes.  At many tables full of beginners, every starting hand with two suited cards will be played.  Having a suited hand is a plus, it does make your hand slightly stronger, but there’s the key word.  Slightly.  First, would you even consider playing your hand if it wasn’t suited?  If not, throw it away.  Too many people go to the Casino Extra flop.  The chance of flopping a flush is about 1%.  The chance of even getting a flush draw of any kind (even a long shot) is 12%.  Even if you get a flush draw, what if you have 3-8 or 2-7, and other guys at the table have K-10 and A-Q?  Then you never had a chance, and you’ll lose a lot more money even hitting the flush than if you had missed it completely.


Keep these mistakes in mind, avoid them, and you will already be far ahead of many others at the poker table and on your way to success.