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When I first heard of the Neti Pot, I thought it was some crazy device meant to put a new spin on nasal sprays without any additional benefits. Honestly my first impression of it was “Hey look, a nose-douche.” Then I started seeing them more and more. Being in the Seattle area I tend to get exposed to new alternative health trends early. Whether I notice the trend or not before it explodes is another issue entirely. If you need more related services or best “Botox and Fillers Delray Beach” consulting, visit this website today –

Next thing I knew, Oprah had done a spot on Neti Pots. (Funny, Firefox spell checker doesn’t flag Oprah, but it flags Neti. Shows just how ‘important’ she is lol) Working in my field, I’ve already seen first hand what effect that woman has on the masses. Suddenly Neti Pots were flying off store shelves at a ridiculous pace. It wasn’t until then that I decided there must be some value behind these silly things. While I’m not an Oprah fan myself, I do realize her good intentions, and that she by no means promotes things she doesn’t actually believe in.

Turns out, these contraptions aren’t Afrin replacements. They’re much, much better. In short, they’re basically pots that you use to pour lukewarm salt water or some other recommended mixture up one nostril, and it comes out the other nostril. This actually cleans out dust, mucus, toxins, bacteria, etc. from your sinuses to promote good health.

What is Jala Neti?

bluenetipot Benefits of Jala Neti for Sinus Health (Neti Pots)The Neti Pot (pictured right) gets it’s name from the ancient practice in India, and some South Asian countries Jala Neti. It is a technique used once or twice daily. The name, Jala Neti translates literally into English “Cleanse the nose with water.”Most experienced Yoga practitioners consider it a part of their routine, using it before a Yoga session to help cleanse the mind and body. At some point, Qi Gong also adapted the technique.

Not much has changed in the history of Jala Neti after thousands of years of use. Except that since it hit western culture, we have made many attempts at hybridyzing it with our own take on medicine. Now there are solvents you can use to mix with the water, and many herbalists have their own concoction they recommend for various benefits.

How does it work?

First of all, it helps to understand the inner workings of your nose. I’m sure you know of the tiny hairs called “cilia” which are meant to trap larger particles entering the nose. While breathing helps to keep these clean, gradual build up is inevitable. Beyond that, there is a thick membrane covering your nasal passage from the nose to the throat. Often referred to as “phlegm”. The basic function of this lining is to catch small particles, and bacteria that the cilia could not. As this mucus becomes saturated with dirt and other foreign particles, you tend to cough it up, swallow it, or blow it out. Once infection spreads to your sinus, it begins to excrete a runny form of mucus to help get rid of the infection. This is what we refer to when we have a “runny nose.” This is sinusitis and can be chronic. That same runny mucus often times gets into your throat, referred to as “post nasal drip” and is one of the most common causes for a sore throat.

Beginner techniques will help to cleanse out the first 2 stages of your nasal passage through the simple action of warm water breaking down build up, and flushing it out. As you move on to the more difficult techniques, you can eventually clean out the entire sinus cavity. The interesting thing here is that the water itself never actually cleans out the deepest part of your sinus. As water passes by these deep cavities, gravity and a venturi effect, the sinus passages are also drained by the vacuum pressure flow of the water.

So, now you are an expert on the science of nose-douching.

Alright, I know. That picture up top makes the lady look ridiculous. But seriously, nose-douching is a procedure I think everybody should partake in. It’s easy if you just plan to do it right when you brush your teeth! And right now you’re probably asking why. What benefits does it have, really?

To answer, I give you an unordered list!

Helps prevent nasal related illnesses such as sinusitis, rhinitis, the common cold, rhinorrhea, empty nose syndrom, and rhinosinusitis. (most of those are just referred to as a “sinus infection” or something of the sort)

Helps your body fight off the aforementioned illnesses faster, should you succumb to any of them.

Clearer vision (it actually helps clear your tear ducts!)

Improved sense of smell

Easier breathing

Helps with Halitosis

Further, there are some other benefits to be found that aren’t as obvious. Many people have reported that Jala Neti helps them quit smoking, an effect caused by the improved sense of smell. Also because the sinus, being right between your eyes and at the forecenter of your brain, is close to the core center of your conscious self, it tends to give you an overall sense of well being. Or, to put it simply – you know how bad it sucks when your sinuses go from normal to bad. Reverse that, and go from normal to good and you get an equally improved sense of well being. Some say that those suffering depression can even find some relief!

I have seen Neti Pots for as little as $10, you can probably find them cheaper if you try. They come in all sorts of materials. Plastic, ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. The plastics are the cheapest, though not by far the best. The great thing is with that one time investment, you can enjoy the benefits over and over with no residual costs. That makes it one of the most cost effective methods of alternative health out there!

There are other forms of nasal irrigation out there, such as a machine that pumps pulsating water through your sinus. They say that these give you even more benefits, but Swami Omananda Saraswati, a lifetime Yoga Therapist, disagrees. In short, he says that the neti pot has worked for thousands of years unchanged, so why change it now? And I can’t say I disagree. There is a soothing effect of the traditional Jala Neti that I think will be removed the second you start bringing in stuff like machines into it.