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No matter what age you are, creative writing is a fun and exciting activity that millions of people enjoy around the world. You don’t need to be a professional writer to truly enjoy the benefits of creative writing. In this guide we shall look at some creative writing activities that will help you and your children improve your creative writing skills.

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Purpose of Creative Writing Activities

Sometimes it can be difficult to spark your imagination when starting a creative writing piece and creative writing activities can help give you ideas.

There are many different aspects to creative writing including the story plot, characters, conflicts, twists and turns and much more so using creative writing activities can give your imagination a kick start into creating some fantastic ideas.

Children, in particular, may not be so enthusiastic about creative writing. However, it is an important part of their education both for their imagination and their English writing skills. The right creative writing activities can make creative writing more fun and appealing to children.

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Types of Creative Writing Activities

There are all different types of creative writing activities that can help with various areas of the writing process.

One popular activity, particularly for children, is the jumble story activity. This involves writing different characters, scenarios and settings on different pieces of paper and getting the child to choose one from each category. They can then use these different situations, characters and scenarios to put together a story. It’s a fantastic starting point for a story and is great when they don’t know where to begin writing. More about Translation Services UK

It’s not just children who can benefit from creative writing activities. There are many computer programs and books that are specifically designed for professional creative writers that contain a variety of activities largely aimed at sparking the imagination and cure writer’s block.

Some of the simplest creative writing activities work by just asking you questions regarding your characters and storyline. Before you write a good story you must have very detailed character profiles and must know what the connections are between your characters. Asking questions about your characters such as: what is their personality like? Are they sensitive and kind or are they arrogant and self centered? This is a very important creative writing activity that all good writers need to do.

Writing prompts are another popular form of creative writing activities. These are beneficial to all writers – children, college students and more experienced writers. There are many programs and websites that offer writing prompts that are simply either a single word or a phrase or situation. From there you can begin writing.

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Where to Find Creative Writing Activity Ideas? Watch out Translation Services UK for more.

There are plenty of places you can find creative writing activities however the best resource these days is the internet.

The internet is full of websites that are specifically designed to help writers of all ages in the creative writing process. As we mentioned above, there are dozens of websites that offer writing prompts. There are some that are aimed at children and others that are more specific to a particular genre such as romance, science fiction or drama.

There are hundreds of other websites that are full of loads of different creative writing activities – mostly for kids – that are great for using both in the home and in the classroom. It is the perfect way to get your child interested in creating writing. Some websites have been created by parents who send in their ideas for creative writing activities.

Another way to find creative writing activities is by purchasing creative writing software. There are programs both for professional writers and children that are full of activities to help creative writing. These programs and software can both be purchased and downloaded online as well as in many computer stores.

Finally, you can go back to basics to find creative writing activity ideas and purchase a book. There are numerous books dedicated to creative writing activities so take a stroll down to your local library or bookshop to see what you can find!