Casino Togel Hari Ini Games: BlackJack


Di Blackjack, pemain (Anda) bermain melawan dealer (rumah), terlepas dari pemain lain. Tujuan Anda adalah untuk menarik kartu (“memukul”) sampai tangan Anda bertambah hingga 21, atau sedekat mungkin tanpa melebihi 21. Jika dua kartu pertama Anda berjumlah 21, Anda memiliki Blackjack.


Setelah seorang pemain (Anda) bertaruh, baik pemain dan dealer dibagikan masing-masing dua kartu. Kartu pemain dibagikan menghadap ke atas. Kartu pertama dealer dibagikan tertutup. Ace dapat digunakan sebagai 1 atau 11 poin. Kartu apa pun yang digabungkan dengan Ace, selain kartu yang memiliki nilai 10, dianggap sebagai “tangan lunak”. Artinya jika pemain memiliki 4 dan Ace, itu akan dianggap 5 atau soft 15. King, Queen, Jack dan Ten masing-masing 10 poin; semua kartu lainnya, bernilai nilai nominalnya. Jika dua kartu pertama pemain berjumlah 21, maka itu adalah Blackjack alami. Blackjack adalah tangan tertinggi. Jika Anda dibagikan dua kartu selain Blackjack, Anda dapat “berdiri” (menolak kartu lebih lanjut), atau “memukul” (menerima kartu lain). Seorang pemain yang berdiri tidak akan menerima kartu tambahan. Kartu dibagikan sampai pemain berdiri atau “bust” (melebihi 21). Ketika Anda Togel HK gagal, Anda segera kehilangan taruhan Anda terlepas dari hasil tangan dealer. Setelah tindakan terakhir pemain, dealer mengungkapkan kartu turun. Jika tangan dealer 16 atau kurang, dealer harus terus “memukul” hingga mencapai 17 atau lebih. Dealer harus berdiri di atas soft 17 dan tidak dapat mengambil kartu tambahan. Jika dealer melebihi 21 (“bust”), dan pemain telah berdiri tanpa busting, pemain menang. Ketika dealer berdiri di atas 17 atau lebih besar dan memiliki hitungan lebih …

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Creative Writing Activities at Translation Services UK

No matter what age you are, creative writing is a fun and exciting activity that millions of people enjoy around the world. You don’t need to be a professional writer to truly enjoy the benefits of creative writing. In this guide we shall look at some creative writing activities that will help you and your children improve your creative writing skills.

Activities 3

Purpose of Creative Writing Activities

Sometimes it can be difficult to spark your imagination when starting a creative writing piece and creative writing activities can help give you ideas.

There are many different aspects to creative writing including the story plot, characters, conflicts, twists and turns and much more so using creative writing activities can give your imagination a kick start into creating some fantastic ideas.

Children, in particular, may not be so enthusiastic about creative writing. However, it is an important part of their education both for their imagination and their English writing skills. The right creative writing activities can make creative writing more fun and appealing to children.

Activities 2

Types of Creative Writing Activities

There are all different types of creative writing activities that can help with various areas of the writing process.

One popular activity, particularly for children, is the jumble story activity. This involves writing different characters, scenarios and settings on different pieces of paper and getting the child to choose one from each category. They can then use these different situations, characters and scenarios to put together a story. It’s a …

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“Loose” is a relative term, not an absolute in Link Alternatif Sbobet

How would you define a “loose” slot machine? Carol J.

“Loose” refers to slot machines that are programmed to return to the player a larger percentage of the coins played than do other machines of similar type in the same casino. In casino A, for example, a loose machine might be programmed to return 94%, while in casino B down the street, a loose machine could return as high as 97%. Additionally, Carol, gaming jurisdictions vary considerably. A return of 93% on a dollar machine would be considered loose in Atlantic City, but disgustingly tight in Reno.

Dear Mark,

When a video poker machine is not paying off, do you recommend paying fewer coins, then increasing that amount when better hands start to appear? Gil H.

Your assumption that you will save money by “priming” the machine for the big enchilada, the royal flush, has no merit. Sorry, Gil, but the number of coins played has absolutely no effect on determining when the royal, or any other hand, will surface.

Dear Mark,

Have you ever heard of any video Link Alternatif Sbobet poker systems that are based on tracking previously played hands? Randy G.

Take out your notebook, Randy. You will want to remember this for a future quiz I have planned for this column. No system will allow you to predict any future hand to be dealt by an honestly programmed, microprocessor-controlled video poker machine. The mathematics behind video poker are simply impregnable. You will lose a certain percentage …

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Sponsored by CNBC and the prestigious Singularity University, the Exponential Finance 2015 took place in New York City on June 2 and 3.


The Singularity University is an educational center dedicated to high-impact, world-changing applications of disruptive, exponentially accelerating technologies. Exponential Finance 2015 examined how rapidly accelerating technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, crowdfunding, digital currencies, and robotics are rapidly disrupting businesses throughout the financial industry.


The Singularity University’s news portal Singularity Hub published a conference wrap-up titled “Exponential Finance: Who Will Be the Instagram or Uber of Finance?” Instagram and Uber are examples of what Peter Diamandis, co-founder and executive chairman of Singularity University, calls the disruptive potential of digital technology.


“Instagram was acquired for a billion dollars the same year Kodak went bankrupt,” writes Jason Dorrier. “Uber is a five-year-old transportation company worth $40 billion, and they don’t own a single car or bus.”


According to Diamandis, the blockchain will spark similarly disruptive innovations.


“At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers,” said Diamandis. “It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions … all good things. Most importantly, it is an ‘exponential currency’ that will change the way we think about money.”


In his talk at Exponential Finance, Diamandis added that simple and ubiquitous apps based on blockchain technology will change the banking industry and the insurance industry.It’s …

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Bitcoin ETN Makes its Debut in the United States – Crypto Gambling

Investors in the United States who wish to trade Bitcoin without having to buy the cryptocurrency have been given another route to the top-ranked virtual currency via Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes (ETN).

Details of the Bitcoin ETN

According to Bloomberg, starting Wednesday American investors will now have access to Bitcoin Tracker One, and BTC ETN and Crypto Gambling. The product which runs under the CXBTF ticker will be quoted in U.S. dollars. However, the clearing and settlement of the trade will be in Krona and Euro since the product is listed and regulated in Sweden.

The ETN is issued by XBT Provider, a subsidiary of CoinShares. The company developed the product in 2015. In July 2018, Amsterdam-based EU speed trading behemoth, Flow Traders became the first company to participate in the BTC ETN market.

For Americans, trading is this particular Bitcoin ETN is like purchasing a U.S. depository receipt in that a foreign-listed asset is denominated in U.S. dollars. Commenting on the ETN, CEO of Coinshares, Ryan Radloff said:

Everyone that’s investing in dollars can now get exposure to these products, whereas before, they were only available in euros or Swedish krona. Given the current climate on the regulatory front in the U.S., this is a big win for Bitcoin.

ETN Might Represent a Soft Opening for Bitcoin ETF

The introduction of BTC ETN trading capability in the United States could be seen as a soft opening for the much sought after Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The SEC has …

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Slot Online POKER ROOM

Let’s talk about cheating.

When you play poker in a public cardroom, are you likely to run into cheaters or angle shooters or other people trying to take unfair advantage of you? It’s a legitimate question. And it’s a question that blackjack players or craps players don’t really have to face, because any cheating activity going on at those games – short of outright theft of your money or chips – is likely to be directed against the house and not against you. The same is not true in poker, for reasons we’ve already discussed: When you play poker in a public cardroom, you’re playing against other players, and not against the house. So if they’re cheating, they’re cheating you!


First of all, let me assure you that cheating is extremely rare in low limit games, for the simple reason that this sort of crime doesn’t pay enough to be worthwhile. The amount of advantage, or edge, that a cheater can gain in a low limit game isn’t a fraction of the edge that the cheater could gain by simply playing better. That said, there are some cheaty moves that you should be on the lookout for. It’s rare, but it does happen, and it’s up to you to protect your own interest.


One form of cheating is collusion. This is where two or more players essentially gang up on an unsuspecting third player. They might do this in two ways. Passive collusion has players signaling information about …

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Craps ligaz888 Guidance – 3



Big 6 / Big 8 Bets

Little else in the casino is more horrific than this bet. It’s the equivalent of plunking two slot machines down in front of a slots fan, one with an atrocious payout rate but fancy graphics and sound, and the other with a half decent payout rate but no bells and whistles. What do I mean? I mean the big 6 bet is the fancy looking slot machine, and the place bet for 6 is the unglamorous one. The fact of the matter is the place bet on a six or eight is exactly the same thing as the big 6 (or 8), the only difference is what you get paid. For a place bet on the 6 or 8 you get paid 7 to 6, but for the big 6 / 8 you only get paid even money. Calculating it out this difference in payouts is directly responsible for the house edge of 9.09% on this bet, compared to 1.52 on the place bet. Translation, this is a major sucker bet, the casino knows placing the 6 or 8 is better than placing any other number, so in an effort to stop it from becoming popular, they put a big fat 6 and 8 in a sexy and easy to reach part of the board, which they collect better off of. So instead of learning more about the big 6 / big 8, just get familiar with placing place bets.


The …

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Poker God Plays UFABingo and Pick Three!

I wasn’t sure it was him. The cobalt blues and Crocodile Dundee hat hid most of his face, but there was an aura about the man in the rear of the hall at the Stonehenge Bar/bingo parlor on Culebra Road in San Antonio that prompted me to take a closer look. The silver earring in the design of a miniature poker chip hanging from his left ear was what gave him away.

UFA Poker God?”

He cast a quick glance in my direction. “Sit down, son. And keep your voice down.”

“I didn’t know you played bingo.”

“I don’t.”

He had 12 bingo cards spread in front of him and there was a wad of Pick 3 lottery tickets sticking out of a shirt pocket. I waited for his explanation.

“Don’t try the waiting game on me, son. I know what you’re trying to do.

I waited.

“OK! But it’s just an experiment,” he said.

I waited for a better explanation.

“It’s this thing about bingo being legal. I’m trying to figure out how it’s different to lose the rent money at bingo than it is at poker.”

“This is your first visit?”

Poker God leered at me for a brief second then changed the subject. “The game starts in ten minutes,” he said.

I persisted. “You’ve been here before?”

“Fourth time.”

“It’s taken you that long to figure out that bingo is or isn’t gambling?”

“It’s gambling. Same as slots or craps or the lottery.”

“Then you’ve accomplished …

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Daniel Negreanu: 2004 Player of the Year

The Card Player 2004 Player of the Year race came down to the wire again. Daniel Negreanu edged out David Pham and John Juanda, while everyone else finished a great distance behind. Points for the Player of the Year award are based on three criteria: (1) number of players in an event, (2) cost of the buy-in, and (3) place finished at the final table. Negreanu excelled in the large buy-in events, made 11 final tables, had seven cashes of more than $100,000, and made an even bigger name for himself. After a few weeks off from poker, Negreanu had a chance to sit down and discuss the Player of the Year race and what it really means to him.


Jeff Shulman: What does the Player of the Year award mean to you?


Daniel Negreanu: For me, a player of the year award is so much more of an accomplishment than just winning a major event, because it’s a testament to outdoing everybody else. It is like beating every other poker player in the world over a long period of time. We know how poker works, it’s a game of long-term results. With short-term results, people can dismiss it as luck. But you can’t say that a guy who performed better than anyone else for the entire year just got lucky.


Jeff: Would you put this up there with winning a World Series bracelet or a major championship as far as prestige is concerned?


Daniel: If …

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Online Payment Options from NETeller for Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

A while back, we looked at a few different ways to deal with credit card rejections. Perennial favorites PayPal and FirePay have recently been joined by NETeller, but is NETeller really a viable option for online gamblers?

The basic premise of NETeller is the same as it is for the other services: put money into a NETeller account and use the account to fund online purchases (like casino deposits). The way in which you go about doing that is a little different at NETeller, however.

U.S. residents can deposit money to their NETeller account using NETeller’s InstaCash system linked to a bank account, their Visa or MasterCard, the online cash transfer system, electronic fund transfer, or they can deposit money into NETeller’s corporate bank account. International customers can only use their credit cards or make direct deposits to the corporate account.

All those choices may sound great, but there are a few strings attached. First, electronic fund transfers from your bank account will take two to four business days, and second, NETeller charges a processing fee to use your credit card. Unfortunately, much of that information is hidden in the login section of the site and that seems a little counter-intuitive for a company that should be trying to create trust with its customers.

There aren’t as many options for withdrawals, and there are a few more strings. Electronic fund transfer usually takes one to two days, and checks cost $25 for FedEx delivery. (They’re free by regular mail.) …

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