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On a televised poker tourney I saw the other day, pro Danny “Win” Nguyen said that he knows what his opponents are holding. How? Because when he came to the US, he started off as a poker dealer. He’s watched “tells” long enough to be able to interpret them. I’ve watched Nguyen play in a few tourneys, and he is rather gutsy at times, and does seem to have some insight into his opponents hands.


Nguyen himself has a stone face to nearly rival Doyle “Dolly” Brunson and Howard “Tahoe” Andrew. I suppose if you can read players, you don’t want to be transmitting what you know yourself. Nguyen does put on the shades sometimes, so I suppose he’s still developing his poker face. BTW, Nguyen won the tourney, up against a surprising lot of youngsters.


This post by Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG alumni) is from last week, but the information is still releveant about Cbetcasino. My interpretation: poker is enjoying a great deal of media attention and celebrity fame. As a result, there are scumbags taking advantage of this and robbing people in casino parking lots – or at least one casino in particular. Funny, I’d always thought casinos were pretty good with security, but maybe I’ve been watching too much of the oh so sexy crew of the TV show Las Vegas.


A bit of trivia: the IMDB indicates that there are over 110 movies or Cbetcasino TV shows that have Las Vegas in the title or subtitle. The oldest is Las Vegas Nights from 1941, with Tommy Dorsey, Hank Ladd, Virginia Dale and others.


Poker Filter has a couple of interesting snippets from just over a week ago. One is about Lesley Fernandez, who plays a lot of online poker nightly with only play money. The other is about Poker Alice, a woman gambler from the late 1800s who played poker professionally for 60 years. Her total take? Nearly a quarter million dollars.


Tao of Poker’s Pauly posted recently about Phil Hellmuth’s recent record- breaking achievement of become the first 50/10 player, and gave a bit of interesting history about Hellmuth. By 50/10, it means Hellmuth has won 10 bracelets and won cash at least 50 times in his poker career. His book Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’Em was reviewed here earlier this year.