Pre Flop Cheri Casino



When you are holding the small suited connectors, you need to understand that in the majority of hands you play with them, you will be the underdog. But that can be a good thing. Because remember, any player only has a 50% chance of increasing their hand after the flop. And if someone is holding AK to your 5 6 and a flop comes of 3 4 J, you are in a better position to win that hand.


What I’m saying is that you want your opponent to be holding a hand that he has a hard time folding after the flop comes. And especially if you hit that flop, you then reap the reward.




Now, you are first to act in the hand either because you’re under the gun or everyone has folded around to you. What should you do with Cheri Casino? Well there are a couple different approaches that can be taken, the first being the aggressive approach and the second being the passive approach. Each play style has its advantages and depending on what kind of player you are one of these approaches will be more appealing to you more than the other.


When taking the aggressive approach, you would raise for the amount of the blinds or more. The advantages to doing that are very simple. You are first of all, building a larger pot. And disguising your hand strength (or lack there of), and finally you …

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