Saturday, May 25, 2024

wm and the Donkey 5


*****Addendum: Lord, I can be such a donkey sometimes.(see pic below) What was wm I thinking pushing against the HAMMER! I was probably 20%-80% at best. I’m very disappointed in my play. NH, Surf, I would have played it exactly the same way if the situations were reversed, hope you took it down.Utterly donk-tastic play last night in the wm. Donk-fucking-tastic, I tell you!
Why is it when I decide I’m going to defend my blinds to a raise, I have to catch a piece of the flop? 9-3 sooted looked so damn good when it made two pair, but of course, my opponent had flopped the nuts with an all heart flop. I am such a donkey sometimes that it pains me. Oh well, luckily again, I was able to finance the venture with two 2nd place finishes and one 1st place finish in sng’s before the tourney started, so that experiment is going well and will continue tonight prior to the Mookie.
I also donked off my 24 + 2 token at Full Tilt last night. I had won it last Friday night and it was really starting to burn a hole in my pocket, so when I logged into Tilt and saw 14 of 18 already signed up for a 24 +2, I was right there with them. I played well, but ended up going out in 10th spot when my A-J couldn’t run down K-Q. I had a number of opportunities to double up in the early going but could not convince anybody to call me. I tried in vain to show as much weakness as humanly possible (and those of you who know me, know I CAN show weakness) but nobody would bite. I will definitely be giving these Token SNG’s another try in the near future.I also have a confession to make:
Hi, my name’s Gary and I play blackjack on-line for real money. (Hi Gary)
For the last week or so, I have ignored all the warnings of –EV and continued to toil away $1 at a time. Last night, I ran up over $100 at the blackjack tables, so the sting of some of the losses from Poker was taken away. I am fully aware that running this hot at blackjack is not something that will continue for the long run, but for the moment, I can use any little boost to the bankroll that I can get and this has been a serious boost to an anemic bankroll.
I’ve tilted off $30 or $40 in a night at the blackjack tables before and am taking it very slowly this time. The key thus far, for me at least, is to have enough money in front of me to withstand the inevitable run of 6 or 7 hands where the dealer makes the miracle 21’s on you every.single.time. They happen with regularity, but if you can withstand those downswings and continue to press your advantages when given the opportunity, you can make money at it. Of course, you could make money flipping quarters if you went on a nice little heater also, but that is another story entirely.
For the moment, I think I will continue to dabble at the dollar tables and see what happens. Perhaps I am due a cold streak, but right now, I’m up quite a little bit and will continue to take my shots here and there.I don’t consider myself very involved when it comes to politics these days. I’ve never been one to voice my opinions on those types of subjects, because I figure I don’t really have much to offer up that hasn’t been offered up before numerous times. But, this morning when I got up and read the headline in our paper, it triggered a sense of hostility that I haven’texperienced very often in my life.
“2 Missing Soldiers Found Dead.”
The article went on to say that the two soldiers had been tortured in a “barbaric” way and that their bodies had been booby-trapped and that the new leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq had executed the men personally.
I threw up my breakfast when I read that article and nearly threw up again now, just re-typing it.
How many more American lives have to be lost in a war/action that we have absolutely no chance to win? Does nobody remember Viet Nam? We had no chance to win that action, just as we have no chance to win this action. These people would rather blow themselves up and kill a few Americans than live.
My opinion on the situation is this: Bring all of our troops home and deploy them in our major cities and at our borders. Let them guard and protect the American citizens in America. I am sick to death of reading about more and more American troops laying down their lives in vain. Let these countries govern themselves and do whatever the hell they want to do and when the threat becomes great that they will attack us, light them up like a Christmas tree. Remember Nagasaki? If they continue to plot and scheme ways to kill Americans, cut them off at the pass. I, for one, would not mind a giant parking lot in that part of the world, if it meant that no more American troops had to die to accomplish it.
Sorry, but that headline just blew me away today. The two soldiers were 23 and 25 years old. What a waste.



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