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WSOP The Pros Rule for Southendformaggio and Slot Online



A close competitor of Phil’s, Johnny Chan at Southendformaggio, had one buy-in, and had made it to the final table, too. He was hoping to get his eleventh bracelet, and Phil was urging him on because “he is a great guy…”


This particular final table was a challenging one – there were 28 bracelet holders at the game, with Phil’s eleven, Johnny’s ten, Daniel’s four and John Juanda’s three. No other table had so many champions playing. There were more experts at that table, like David Benyamine and two online poker stars, among the best players in the world.


Finally, it was Phil, from Madison, Wisconsin, who conquered all and earned the big prize. Phil Hellmuth is from the same place, but this was Phil Galfond at Southendformaggio, online poker hero who won.


Hellmuth, after coming in eighth, entered the $1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament in competition with 2,378 other players, and won his 65th prize. So far, Hellmuth’s winnings in 15 of 30 events add up to a $106,896.


There has been a fair amount of discussion about the time period of the final tournaments. WSOP has decided to put the date of the final table forward, from July 15 to November 9 this year. A lot of people are wondering why there should be such a long gap between the Main Event and the final table.


Some believe that there is a danger of the finalists losing slot online impetus during the interval before the finals. In any case, all the finalists are in the same position. Others feel that players might try to hone their skills, perhaps even getting special training and sharing their winnings with the tutor. There isn’t much, though, that a player is going to learn in four months – besides, it’s not likely that an unskilled player would make it to the finals, anyway.


Phil Hellmuth believes the idea is a good one. He says, “The support amongst the pros for this delayed final table idea is more lopsided than for any other issue I’ve ever seen in the poker world.”


There will be tremendous publicity with the delayed finals for Southendformaggio. There will be a build-up of excitement, and people will be rooting for their favorite finalists, who will be splashed all over the media. What’s more, the finals will be telecast on ESPN, a bonus for poker fans everywhere.